Ukulele Lately Ep. 5: Gifts, Artists (WOTE, Josh Innerst), & Contests (Bushman)

This week’s episode discussed ukulele-related gifts I received for Christmas, two artist highlights (Walk Off The Earth and Josh Innerst), and the opportunity to win a Bushman Ukulele.

Shout-out was given to Patrik from Sweden for not only an encouraging comment, but also because he discovered a mistake on Episode 2. Thanks so much for the correction! 🙂

Christmas gifts mentioned: (FULL DISCLOSURE: If you purchase these items through the given Amazon Associate link, I will receive a commission)
Hal Leonard: Ultimate Fake Book and Hymn Fake Book
Hallmark: Yule K Lele

Links referenced during the show:
WOTE: Somebody I Used to Know (Cover)
WOTE: Royals (Cover)
WOTE: Gang of Rhythm
Josh Innerst: Give It Time
2014 Bushman Ukulele Contest
Ukulele Tabs Contest

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Thanks so much for tuning in, and here’s hoping that you…stay in tune!

Me bundled up for the podcast during Snowmageddon
Me bundled up for the podcast during Snowmageddon

7 thoughts on “Ukulele Lately Ep. 5: Gifts, Artists (WOTE, Josh Innerst), & Contests (Bushman)

  1. Thank you for another great episode! Yes you said it better then most americans I heard so, Tack så mycket! I dont know if you heard about this guy James Hill. He uses his ukulele in so many ways and he is so great. noth his original songs and his covers (billie jean for example). Just listen to him if you havent. Ill post a link to a thing he does with chopsticks and a comb on his uke.

    Once again great episode keep em coming. Im gonna spread this site as much as possible. /Patrik

    1. Hey there Patrik! Thanks for the heads up about James Hill…I checked the link out; WOW! He is really impressive. I’ll definitely be mentioning him in the not too distant future. 😉

  2. Hi, Just got ahold of your podcast via Ook Town. It is fun to listen to the pros on OokTown wax on about the uke, but I really like hearing an enthusiast/every day person (much like myself…we have a couple of things in common…we both teach and I currently teach at an International School. Not internationally, but in Oregon…full IB school) sharing their love of the uke. I am only on episode 5 but am trying to get caught up. I am going to the Reno uke festival in late April and I will happily post a full report if you like. Keep strumming! Love the podcast!

    1. Hey there Walter! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m so glad you find enjoyment in listening to the podcast. I would LUV it if you’d share with us what you learn/hear/see at the Reno festival! Perhaps we could even set up a live interview?

      Hope your school year is going well…only 9 more weeks for us, and then lots more time for the uke! 😉

      1. 11 or so weeks for us! I will be happy to give you a full run down of the festival and an interview if we can arrange it. I am going to find out the legality of recording some of the workshops…probably won’t fly, but I will ask anyway. At worst, you will get my own review along with any handouts that might prove useful. Keep up the good work!

        1. I’m so excited about the possibility of this interview! I’ll have to brush up on interview tips…so I can sound somewhat professional! 😉

          11!? Oh man…did y’all start later than Aug?

          1. Yeah…we started day after Labor Day. If you are going to brush up on your interview skills then I had best practice answering question…no wait! I do that every day! 🙂 Looking forward to the festival and the possible interview!

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