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Ukulele Lately Ep. 11: Artist Highlight (The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain; Elissa Bruce) & Strap Happy

This week’s episode is a couple of days late, but here nonetheless! We focused on two artists (The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and Elissa Bruce), along with the option of using a strap for your ukulele. Part of the strap discussion referenced another ukulele podcast called OokTown Ukulele Podcast.

Shout-Out was given to Dylan Stanley. Thanks for the encouragement Dylan!

Links referenced on the show:
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: Website and The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Elissa Bruce: Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Hix Brothers Music: Ukulele Straps
OokTown Ukulele Podcast

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Ukulele Lately Ep. 10: Artist Highlight (Lisa Hannigan; Me?) & Ukulele Tricks

This week’s episode focused on one artist Lisa Hannigan and one pseudo-artist, myself! There was also a spotlight given to Brett McQueen and his help with the uke community through his website Ukulele Tricks.

Shout-out was given to my oldest niece, Lauren who suggested way back in the beginning that I play my own original song on one of the episodes. I hope you all enjoy this creepy-funny song, The Stalker Song. If not, well we’ll blame Lauren. 😉 Sorry for the poor quality in the recording!

Links referenced during the show:
Lisa Hannigan: Website and I Don’t Know and Blue Moon Cover
Brett McQueen: Ukulele Tricks and YouTube Channel

I celebrated this tenth episode with ten sound clips focused on that number or words beginning with “ten”.  Here’s the list in case you didn’t recognize them:
1) Ten Commandments (Movie)
2) The Tennessee Waltz
3) Kid Snippets Math Class
4) Speaker Boehner
5) 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman)
6) Rin Tin TIn
7) Tenacious D Tribute
8) The Adventures of Tintin
9) 10 Things I Hate About You
10) Mama and Daddy (singing in church…dear to my heart as my dad was near death two summers ago, in need of a liver transplant)

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Ukulele Lately Ep. 9: Artist Highlight (Sophie Madeleine, Kalei Gamiao) & Strumming in Time

This week’s episode focused on two artists: Sophie Madeleine and Kalei Gamiao, plus the difficulty I have in strumming with in time.

Shout-out given to “Sones” as he/she has begun taking uke lessons. Uke on! 😉

Links referenced during the show:

Sophie Madeleine: Bei Mir Bist Du Schon and 30 Covers in 30 Days
Kalei Gamiao: Royals Cover and Mach 4**
Hawaii Music Supply: YouTube Channel and Website

Two extras since in honor of the Andrews Sisters: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Dean Martin Show

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**Correction** I mistakenly called it Mach 5 in the episode

Ukulele Lately Ep. 8: Artist Highlight (James Hill; Agathe and Fine) & Baritone Tuning

This week’s episode included two artist highlights: James Hill, Agathe and Fine) along with a tuning reminder for Baritone ukuleles.

Shout-outs were given to Patrik from Sweden (for his heads up about artist James Hill) and Mylinda (for her first ukulele purchase).

Links referenced during the show:
James Hill Websites: Personal and Ukulele in the Classroom
James Hill YouTube: Billie JeanChopsticks
Agathe Peyrat YouTube: Channel and Postcards from Italy
Josephine Stephenson’s Website
Ukulele Hunt: Ukulele Tuning
My YouTube Channel videos with Mylinda: Tonight You Belong To MeWhat Are You Doing New Year’s EveFalling Slowly

Forgot to mention this in the show, but I also uploaded another video for the Bushman Ukulele Contest: Love Me Tender. Check it out and please vote! 😉

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