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Ukulele Lately Ep. 14: Special Shout-Out (Chad Weldy) & Special Guest (Glenda Weldy)

This week’s podcast took a time-out from our usual routine of an artist highlight and also from wrapping up my part 2 answer regarding recording software, for blog subscriber Malc. This was a family-oriented podcast, and by that I mean it was focused on two members of my family: Chad Weldy (who turns 40 today) and Glenda Weldy (whom I interviewed…well, I’m sure there was Q/A somewhere in the midst of all that laughter).

Shout-out was given to: my niece Lauren (Chad’s daughter) for doing my opening; my brother Chad (Happy Birthday!).

Links referenced during the show:
Blue News (A Song Parody for Chad’s 40th)
Burl Ives: On The Front Porch (Movie: Summer Magic)
Circle of Fifths Image

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Every time I come home, Mama likes to pretend I'm famous and covertly take my picture...
Every time I come home, Mama likes to pretend I’m famous and covertly take my picture…


Lucy and Ethel...I mean, Mama and Me...
Lucy and Ethel…I mean, Mama and Me…

Ukulele Lately Ep. 13: Artist Highlight (The Flamin’ Mamies), Bushman…again & Audio Recording Devices

This week’s episode highlighted Bandcamp Page, the Bushman contest…yet again, and equipment I use to do my recordings for episodes and my ukulele music.

Shout-outs were given to Ladywegs (iTunes commenter) and Malc (website commenter)

Links referenced during the show:
The Flamin’ Mamies: Bandcamp Page and Cow Cow Boogie YouTube Video
Bushman Ukulele Contest
Podcast Answer Man: if you’re ever interested in doing your own podcast…START HERE 😉
Griffin iTalk Recorder (this is a link to the premium one…there is also a free one for download)
Blue Microphones NESSIE Adaptive USB Condenser Microphone, Cardioid (Full Disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate, so if you purchase a Blue microphone via this link, I will get a commission.)

Jam session with my nieces and nephews last weekend.
Jam session with my nieces and nephew last weekend.
Don't be fooled...there wasn't any MUSIC going on here! ;)
Micah Weldy: Don’t be fooled…there wasn’t much MUSIC going on here! 😉

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Ukulele Lately Ep. 12: Two Original Songs & Bushman “Contest”?

This week’s episode was delayed until today for a special reason: it’s my brother’s birthday! Two original songs were played: one regarding our girls’ basketball team winning state for the fourth year in a row; and one as a gift for my brother, Lance. The Bushman Ukulele Contest was referenced again…this time not in such a good context.  Do some investigative reporting and let me know what you find out about them. 😉

Shout-out was all about my brother, Lance, today…He’s 37! Happy birthday, Lancey! I love you!

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