Ukulele Lately Ep. 12: Two Original Songs & Bushman “Contest”?

This week’s episode was delayed until today for a special reason: it’s my brother’s birthday! Two original songs were played: one regarding our girls’ basketball team winning state for the fourth year in a row; and one as a gift for my brother, Lance. The Bushman Ukulele ContestΒ was referenced again…this time not in such a good context. Β Do some investigative reporting and let me know what you find out about them. πŸ˜‰

Shout-out was all about my brother, Lance, today…He’s 37! Happy birthday, Lancey! I love you!

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5 thoughts on “Ukulele Lately Ep. 12: Two Original Songs & Bushman “Contest”?

  1. Hey Lisa, here is a small greeting from Denmark. I am so glad that I found your podcast. It rellay have a nice tempo, so I guess we might have the same standard of excitement, ha ha.
    I have been listening to all twelve pods now, and I am shure that I will be listening on for as long you keep making your podcast. Your love for music, the uke, and your family can be felt all the way over here in Europe.

    In podcast 9 you ask for advice on the timing on your strumming. I am not shure that my idea is any good (if it is, it might be the first good idea I ever had) but mabye you can get your hands on an egg shaker and spend some time getting rhythm into your strumming hand. And if the advice turns out to be crap, you can use it in your strumming hand while playing one of your songs, and find use for it that way. Anyway, it is a cheap little instrument to get your hads on; even smaller and cheaper than the uke…

    Here is a music suggestion for you. When I started out on the uke, not even a year ago, my youtubesurfing washed me up on their channel, and I ended up buying one of their albums. I believe that they are a farther/daughter duo, and the album never fails to make me smile. Fifteen years ago I would NEVER have thought that this kind of music would be part of my taste when I reached my mid 30’s. I can’t even imagine what kind of stuff I will be rocking to when I reach 50!

    Soooo, enjoy it and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there Per! Thanks so much for the encouragement…your comment, “Your love for music, the uke, and your family can be felt all the way over here in Europe” really touched my heart! Thanks for the suggestion about the egg shaker. Definitely will look into it and let you know how it goes. πŸ˜‰ I checked out the father/daughter duo…GREAT suggestion. I’ll put them in a future episode. Here’s another group I found after clicking through some of the father/daughter links: The Flamin’ Mamies. One of the players in this group plays a banjo uke…something I want to purchase at some point. I think you’ll like them too. Anywho…thanks again for commenting. Keep in touch! πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah, I messed up the link and posted some playlist instead. I will just spam you until I get it right.

  3. πŸ˜€ Thanks. And thanks for recommending The Flamin’ Mamies, wow, I am really in love with their version of “When I get low I get high”. I actually have the same uke as the one she is playing in that video. The kala tenor jazz uke; if my neighbour ever kill me it will be because I play it through an amp and experiment with different guitar stompboxes.

    A banjo-uke would be great. I did try out one, and despite being pretty heavy, it really was a nice instrument. I could play danish redneck music on it all night long πŸ˜›

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