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Doctor Uke(full lyric, chords plus an audio example)
My favorite site thus far for finding old, classics to play. Click the Songs tab for an alphabetized listing.
Ukulele Hunt (full lyric, chords, plus videos, artists info, etc.)
I have only used it thus far to answer my technical questions about the ukulele. However, the more I click through the site, it looks to be a one-stop shop for a lot of your ukulele needs. Downside? Ease of access for the info. With it’s wealth of information, it’s easy to fall into a rabbit trail of clicks on this site. That’s why sometimes it’s just easier for me to do a Google search for the song I want.
Ukulele Tabs & Chords (quick guide to song chords)
I only access this link through Google searches of songs (song title + ukulele chords). However, most of the time, it does not give me the full lyric to the song, merely the location of where the key change would occur (e.g. Que Sera) If it’s a song, I already know the words to…then that’s not a problem! 😉
Ukulele Boogaloo (full lyrics, chords, and sometimes audio)
As with Ukulele Tabs & Chords, I only access this site via a Google search of the song (e.g., When I’m 64).
Ukulele Mike (song sheets for sale, and video instruction)
I actually discovered Ukulele Mike by his YouTube Channel, through which I learned to play my first song on the uke: Tonight You Belong To Me.
Ukulele Tricks (good source for video learning)
As with Ukulele Mike, I discovered Brett via his YouTube Channel. He’s really gifted in breaking down the uke in easy ways for the learner. His videos are well done too.
Ukulele Underground (another one-stop shop)
I’ve just begun exploring this site, so I’ll be updating this review later on as I become more experienced with it. However, right now, it definitely seems to it will be of value for you. Not just for online uke technique learning, but also because of its forum page (a resource for fielding your ukulele questions to beginners and advanced players alike).


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