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Ukulele Lately Ep. 6: Artists (Grace and Tony; Victoria Vox), Weather, & Bushman

This week’s episode had a two-for-one special for the artist highlight (Grace and Tony; Victoria Vox). Though not a ukulele band, Grace and Tony were highlighted because of the special shout-out below. Cold weather care was also discussed, along with a follow-up to last week’s mention of the Bushman Ukulele Contest.

Shout-out given to Infinity, an 8yr. old who wrote a music review for a concert she went to with her father. You can find her review about Grace and Tony on her father’s blog here. The review ended up making a big splash on a lot of blogs. Congrats Infinity!

Links referenced during the show:
Grace and Tony: Website and Kennedy Center Performance
Victoria Vox: Website and The Bird Song
Ukulele Underground (Uke Forum Q&A)
Ukulele Hunt (Humidifier Reviews)
Bushman Ukulele: Contest and Georgy Girl (my entry)

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Thanks for tuning in and here’s hoping that you…stay in tune!