About Me

According to Google:

    • Graduated from Niantic-Harristown High School (1999)
    • “Under His Wings” has been in my head
    • I’m coming to cheer for the Bobcats tomorrow

According to Me:

    • My favorite color is red
    • I didn’t learn how to swallow pills until I was seventeen

Contact Info:

    • lweldy@ukulelelately.com
    • Twitter: @UkeLately

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Greetings from the UK – just finished listening to all the shows & really enjoyed them (thinking of getting a ukulele so found all the content interesting/helpful).

    1. Hey there Malc! So encouraged by your comment, and so excited to hear you’re thinking about getting one. Be sure to let me know when your ukulele journey begins! 😉

  2. Hi Lisa

    Enjoying the podcasts – Lisa Halligan is quite well known over here (UK) as she did sing with Damien Rice (featured on “9 Crimes” – great song). The sound is fine on the podcasts (seemed to improve after the first couple). Maybe you could let us have updates on what you are learning & the resources you are using (Internet sites/YouTube channels). There’s a lot out there and it’s easy to miss some the good information. Also I would be interested in your recording process to add the harmonies,etc to the songs you’ve posted.


    1. Hey there, Malc! Good to hear from you again. Did you end up purchasing a uke yet? Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will definitely devote an episode to my recording equipment, software, etc. You’re right about it being to easy to miss info/tips out there…I’ll be sure to note anything I find that helps me out. Please feel free to post things you’re learning too that I can share on an episode too! 😉

      1. Lisa,

        No purchase yet – I’m due some “vouchers” from work in early April and I’ll be using those so the serious searching begins then.


          1. Lisa,

            A bit later than April but I’ve finally bought a ukulele – went for what I would imagine is a popular “starter” choice, the Kala KA-T tenor. Only just bought it so not really got going yet but initial impressions are good.


  3. (also posted after episode 5)Hi, Just got ahold of your podcast via Ook Town. It is fun to listen to the pros on OokTown wax on about the uke, but I really like hearing an enthusiast/every day person (much like myself…we have a couple of things in common…we both teach and I currently teach at an International School. Not internationally, but in Oregon…full IB school) sharing their love of the uke. I am only on episode 5 but am trying to get caught up. I am going to the Reno uke festival in late April and I will happily post a full report if you like. Keep strumming! Love the podcast!

    1. Hey there Walter! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m so glad you find enjoyment in listening to the podcast. I would LUV it if you’d share with us what you learn/hear/see at the Reno festival! Perhaps we could even set up a live interview?

      Hope your school year is going well…only 9 more weeks for us, and then lots more time for the uke! 😉

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